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Hi, I am Roopa and Putti is my only daughter who is the very reason behind this blog. Myself and my husband are from India. We now reside in North Florida with our little girl.
Putti's World

Putti's World (formerly Putti Prapancha) began as an online scrapbook to save memories of my daughter Putti's childhood. I started doing art and crafts with Putti with the sole purpose of keeping her occupied creatively. With my husband at work, I was to stay with her and entertain her on my own for most part of the day. I almost went crazy at times not knowing what to play with her all day long. I didn’t know what to do with her as I actually did not like her to be in front of the TV for too long. But me being not artsy was very hesitant initially. But as I searched through the internet,  I came across so many wonderful artsy moms and home school blogs I was inspired to begin. We started very slow and grew little by little. I learnt a lot too. We both did enjoy the process and our mistakes too :)

I do not have any formal education or background in arts/ early education. The only art I remember doing as a kid are some random drawings with crayons, markers and paint. But now, I am loving the kids art process after I started doing them with my daughter. I enjoy doing them with her and it is very relaxing for myself too :)
Lot of our work has been liked and featured on various websites as you can see here. So, if I can do it, so can YOU!!
You see all of our art work with links to blog posts here in these albums.
Here are some popular posts from my blog to inspire you, please modify them as per your child's age:
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