Monday, November 15, 2010

Delightful Deepavali...

Deepavali this year was very delightful. This is a quick wrap up post of all the beautiful festive things we did enjoy. Clicking on each link to take you to original post with more photos.
Deepavali food...Ribbon Pakoda, Kosumbari, Kabul husli, Wheat flour laddoo, Cabbage Pakodas, Vangibath

Table Center...
Diya cookies, which I made not for the festival, but before that. This was for the kids who were practising the dance for our Indian association cultural festival. The song was 'Happy Diwali' and hence i made these cookies to go with the theme of the song. 
Clay and Flour diyas, made by me painted by putti.
Diya Wreath, which was cut out off putti's paintings. My idea was to use them as a table centre piece or toran, but putti wanted to make a wreath.
Paper Lanterns that adorned the doorway, made by putti with little help from me:)
Also the video about book on deepavali which putti enjoyed.
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Great Putti!
nice work & grand celebration.
thanks for the excellent delicious dishes( By seeing I can say) to you.
Missing the FEAST

Tumba chennagide paper lanterns and wonderful and colorful deepa. Adige mastagi kanista ide..

Lovely creations, loved the Diya cookies..and so many goodies to eat, wow! Thanks kanri for sharing your Diwali Moments with us.

lovely pics... the diya cookies...paper lanterns.. wreath are awesome...!!

Thanks for linking to the blog party ...!!

Hope to see you participating for Xmas and New Year too...!!

Thanks Sitaram sir,
The only thing we missed this deepvali was 'fireworks' which we enjoyed yday on 'tulasi habba' ..
I am sure you had a wonderful festival too with the little one:)

Thank you!! Adige Eno sumaaraagi maaDtini, aadre nimmashru chenda photos tegoyoke barolla, patience-u illa:)

Thanks so much !! Loved ur idea of bell pepper diyas and you have a lovely blog:)

Thanks for the blog party, i got to see so many more lovely posts.
The only reason i never participate in these blog parties is that i blog in kannada, but let me try. Thanks.

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