Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Painted cookies

I wanted to make some cookies for putti's bday party, but when i searched on the internet all i found was crayon shaped or paint brush shaped cookies. And finally i found these lovely cookies made by little kids themselves. After seeing these, i thought of turning into an activity for the kids on the party day. But then i realised the food markers they mentioned was expensive. And the thought of using food colors with 5 little kids gave me jitters. So i dropped that idea and made these with putti.
First i baked sugar cookies as per my favorite recipe and frosted them with icing. 

Once they were dried  mixed food colors with water and gave them to putti to paint. She enjoyed the whole process and she at times asked for ideas when i told her to make "face, sun, dots, lines" And since i put four cookies on her plate each time, all the designs - face, sun, lines are in a set of four:)   

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sanvi amma appa,
nimm blog address ge parcel maaDideevi ok na ;)

sanvi karkondu banni.. ibbru seri baNNa hacchi kodteevi antaaLe putti:)

sure nimagoo parcel maadteevi:)

btw, nimm cookie recipe na puttiDOTprapanchaATgmailDOTcom ge kaluhisi, thanks

yes isr 100% edible ivu:) organic fod colors use maadi paint maaDiddu

For Icing, i just mixed confectioner's sugar with water and food color until i got the required consistency.

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