Friday, October 29, 2010

Super Fun Splat Art !!

I have most times given A4 size or smaller paper to Putti to paint with. The reason is its easier to save/file. Rarely we do it on large paper too and most times it ends up as a gift wrapper! Inspired by Mister maker  videos we made this is on a beautiful sunday.
Kids Splat Art
First got all the things ready... watered down paint in variuos cups, large cardboard, spatulas, scrap pieces of sponge.
Dip the sponge in paint...
And place them on the cardboard..
Hit the sponges with the spatula...  splat !
Kids Splat Art 
This is fun fun fun!!
It got messier later on and at the end both our face, hands, dress were colorful filled with paint drops, if only hemanth was around we could've got more photos!!
How do you like this? We love it !!
Kids Splat Art
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That does look like fun fun fun! Messy is good! :)

Thanks so much for sharing on It's playtime - I'm gonna share with my FB crowd too!

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

I love it! Your daughter is a beauty! I need to do more art outside and with different painting "tools." This is a beautiful art piece and would definitely be on our wall at our house! Glad you re-shared this.

My boys would LOVE THIS!! Bookmarking to do later!

It looks fantastic framed. It's amazing what splatter art can become when it's done with pleasure and put in a nice frame :)

This is BRILLIANT! This really put a smile on my face! Which child wouldn't enjoy doing this!? Lovely!!

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty - love your visits every week!!


Oh now this I will have to try! I know the kids at preschool will go nuts over this one - thanks so much for sharing :0

I looked at this before I noticed it was linked up to my Thursday link party. Thanks for joining the fun! I love this idea so much.

I've seen this done by throwing paint at the paper but I like the way of hitting the sponges while they're already on the paper, I'm gonna have to give this a go!

I've awarded you the versatile blogger award
check it out!

@Jamie It sure was FUN! This time we might repeat it with her friends too. thanks for the shout at FB:)

@Art For Little Hands Thank you! It is hard for us because we live in an apt on 3rd floor. But try to make it whenever possible!

And thank you for hosting the link party, so happy to share:)

@MaggyPutti is so proud of it that she had to show it to any guest who visited us:))
Thank you!!

@AleaciaYes we have done that method too! Both are fun:)
And thank you for the award, this is my second versatile award:)) yay!!

Putti Amma -
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Thanks so much!

We've done lots of splash art around here - but never directly with tools! How fun. I'll remember this for when the snow's gone. :)
Thanks for sharing!

We're going to have to try this one. Looks like a lot of fun!

Looks like tons of fun. I'm sure my little boy would love this.

That looks like something my boys would love to do!

fun! fun! fun! The kids just love to bang around!
Beautiful wall art!

Oh, what a fun idea! Would be great for a party activity too! (a garden party!) And the results look lovely!

ps - sharing this on my fb page

I would play with this,who wouldn't?

Thanks everyone!! Hope you and ur little ones enjoy it as much as we did. Will be doing this again with some friends.
And thanks mama pea pod for the share!

Such a great idea! Definitely going to try this one thanks for sharing! Who wouldnt love to splat paint lol my big kids would probably even play with this!

You've been featured on my link party. I absolutely loved this idea. We may do it today as the rain has finally stopped.


Thanks all of you for the comments! @Art for little kids, cant wait to hear how much fun your kids had:) thank you for the feature !

Yes, love it! Have to give it a try with little one! :)

Featuring this post over at High paw! Thanks for joining and see you this week too! :)

So glad you linked this up at Outdoor Play, I love this idea! Thanks and see you next week I hope!

Hi, I found this post through Crafty Crow. How fun! When my daughter and nephew get home from preschool today, your splat art project is awaiting them ;-) Nice blog, keep it up!

This blog is really awesome! I enjoyed reading all your posts.

Thanks everyone! This was a fun art activity.

@Marina, I hope your kids enjoy it too. Please feel free to share your photos here or on my facebook page.

When I saw this post I immediately knew I had to give this a go with my son, he had so much fun. Thx for the great idea!

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