Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Play Dough Sculptures and more...

A few months ago putti had built structures with packing peanuts and toothpicks. We were able to build some small structures. But the packing peanuts did not hold a bigger structure well. And I did not want to try marshmallows or gumdrops for the fear I might eat them more than Putti ;) I have a sweet tooth. So was looking for other options to bulit with and wanted to try how play dough acts...

So, we first started making small balls from play dough. Putti asked if we were making nest. I said "No, why not try something new today" and gave her toothpicks. She started poking one toothpick into each little ball and exclaimed it looks like candy!!  Pretended to eat them....

Then she moved on to make a flower...

Lots of lolly pops....
 Then I suggested can we build some shapes and houses (thats what I had in mind when I started this) and tried to show her how to make one. She got sooo annoyed and yelled "Amma, thats MY play dough"!! Phew, I had to get that one for interfering with her ideas :-) I am working hard on not to interfere/ suggest my ideas while she is at play until she asks for .

Soon she calmed down and went on to make a sun ...

And then this road with cross roads ..

And THEN she started making some shapes...
 Then made some 3 dimensional ones with help. This time she asked me to join help her....
 We did not build anything elaborate as putti had other ideas, maybe next time we try it !!

After the play, we were joining all the balls together and putting it back, she said she needed to play more. And then made these suns...
 And then wanted to see how many toothpicks she could add to one ball... She added ALL the toothpicks we had and then said its a Porcupine !! Remember the crazy creatures we made with play dough and Qtips?

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What wonderful sculptures!!! We used marshmallows for ours:

Isn't it amazing how much fun kids can have with the most simple things?! Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday.

Heather @
Check out too : )

Great reminder of how us adults can get in the way of creativity! I always set out to do an activity with a "goal" in mind, and 10 times out of 10, the children take it into a completely different direction. Sometimes it's best to just watch and learn! :) Great post! I love the idea of adding toothpicks to playdough play.

This was an amazing play and such an imaginative play for Putti! I love all her ideas. Especially the sun/s! They look glorious!
Yeah, backing off and putting our goals aside for a while when the kidoos are playing is something we adults have a hard time doing. I do this too at times and Pari is quick to make me realize! So much for our adult objectives!

@Heather Yes true kids are most happy with simple little things:) Got to learn 'that' !!

@ms.ginasemailyay to your kids creativity and to you too!! I love that kids come with their own ideas most times amazing ones:)
Thank you!

@RashmieThank you! Suns are my favorite too:) Im still working on just watching part.

Again another great idea- and imagine the possibilities! Thanks for linking up this wonderful activity.

I love the toothpicks in the play dough. Very colorful and fun activity!

She did even better than you anticipated ;) This is simple enough for anyone to make at home with their kids. Love it. And we'll be adding some toothpicks to playdoh basket as well! :) Thanks for an idea!

Great idea! We did this with gumdrops and my daughter loved it! (My son ate it). Thanks for sharing :-)

I love the idea of building with play dough. I have never thought of that before. I am going to have to put out some tooth picks and play dough tomorrow!

I love this idea. So simple yet so much you can do with it. Great photos too, the colours really stand out.

Thanks for the inspiration. We ended up with a play park!

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