Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft Sticks Fun!

 It is amazing to see how very simple things end up being the most exciting activities for kids!! This activity is so much similar to the one we did with Q tips. If you have not seen it yet, please have a look here.
Recently found this bag of 150 color craft sticks at dollar tree and bought it. Once we came home, putti got to work right away and made some alphabets and other things, dont have a picture of those as I was in kitchen.
Next time when I gave these to putti, She first sorted them by colors and counted how many of each color she had :)
And then first thing she made was a rainbow!!
Then some basic 2D shapes....
Lots of traingles joined/extended in various ways...
Little houses for her animals..
Then wanted to make a BIG house for herself... but she couldnt get the roof part right..
So made a small house, with steps this time just like putti's house she said!! And our house door does open to the stairway...
Then she made a flower and a kite..
Putti and ... I was sooo hoping she would say amma, but it is her friend Irene !! She wanted to add eyes, so asked for pompoms..

Also added her names...
 A beautiful sun!
A real sun and a rainbow sun she said....I think inspired by the rainbow lions in the 'Ed Emberley's fingerprint' book
And finally Big Amma and Little Putti...

These craft sticks have lots of crafty potential, you could glue them together and create lots of different things like a photo frame, clocks, vases, puzzles, house...
Have you made something with craft sticks, if yes please do share in the comments ....

Please give us thumbs up!

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so vibrant! beautiful creativity!

When Cj was 2 yrs, I had created alphabets using Popsicle sticks!


Wow!! I'm not surprised at her creativity, she gets it from you and H :)

This is so fun! I love how creative your little girl is! I wish I could meet you, you are so inspiring!

So creative! Who knew craft sticks could be so much fun! I love that they're colored!

@Esther J PragasamLove the alpbahet set you made! I have thinking I should cut some of these to help her make more alphabets or anything else... guess next time!
Thanks for sharing.

@My Oatmeal Kisses Oh thanks so much!! I would love to meet you too.. We all get inspired by each other and I think thats the main idea behind blogging right:)

This is wonderful! You have a way of taking the most simple things and creating an activity to go with it! So glad to be following your blog! Never need to buy toys with all the inspiration from you and all the other fab blogs out there! I know we have some colored craft sticks in our supplies...no money spent! I've seen an activity to glue craft sticks together to create flowers in Parent Magazine! This is better!

You, have A LOT of craft sticks... but I see why - when you come up with such fun ideas. It is like doodling with sticks. Brilliant!

Maggy x

Wonderful! This is a great rainy day quiet activity. I will be sure to use this idea soon. Thanks again for joining my art party.

Excellent! Added link to this post at: http://www.squidoo.com/popsiclesticks Never enough ideas to reuse! ;)

Love how many things she made with her craft sticks. It is like drawing except with sticks! My girls would love this craft - we must try this at home.

Thanks for linking this up to the Sunday Showcase as well. So many great ideas!


I recently started writing for Treehouse TV in addition to my own blog, Sew Creative. I did a post for Treehouse with a roundup of my favorite sun crafts for kids. I included this project. I'd love for you to take a look:


Best Wishes,


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