Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paint chip tree, flowers and earth

Here are the Paint Chip Tree, Flowers and Earth that Putti made. 
Paint chip crafts

After seeing the beautiful paint chip collages at The chocolate muffin tree, I was inspired to pull out my collection of paintchips for putti to play. Putti loved sorting them into color groups - greens, yellows, reds etc. And then, putti cut all the greens into pieces as she wanted to make a Tree.
Paint chip kids crafts
Then she glued them all onto a cereal box cardboard in the shape of a tree. And thanks for the tip(at chocolate muffin tree) to hold the pieces down and count to ten as the paint chips curl when u apply glue. It was fun counting. Putti counted in english, kannada and spanish too yay!!                Earth day kids crafts
Punched a hole and tied some thread and hung it.
Paint chip preschool kids crafts
  Putti loved this activity so much, that she went on with it and made some flowers too.
Paint chip crafts earth day
 And with all these recycling craft work, I asked her if she would love to make an earth for the earth day. She loved the idea and went ahead to make it.
Earth day for preschool kids
Proud putti with her exhibits!! 
earth day crafts
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Oh what a lovely way of using the paint sample cards. So pretty and so any different colours! Makes me want to go to the hardware store and pick some up for us to craft with too! You have some lovely ideas!!

Thanks for linking to kids get crafty! Lovely to have you stop by so regularly!!!


I love paint chip crafts! Thanks for sharing. I pinned this to my wall at

Thank you for the comments and ur encouraging words as always:) I pick these at walmart, as i dont go to hardware store often.


Thanks for stopping by! I checked the link... thats a nice way to bookmark things:)

These are Fabulous! So glad to inspire others!!! Thanks for mentioning me! This is why I am creating my blog---to inspire!

What a great idea!!! I always try to grab some of those things when I think of it, figuring I could do something with them. I love this idea and will definitely have to give it a try!

Thank you !! I have had these cards for a couple of mnths and finally did get to do something with them.
And thanks for spreading the word about us on FB:)

Thank you! Yes these colorful cards are so tempting to pick up from stores:)

What adorable ideas for uses with paint chips! thanks for sharing!

So lovely. I love art using a limited palette- looks so effective!

Keeping it simple makes things easier for me and my daughter :)
Thank You

Oh love these! I think we might do the earth for earth day too! Great idea : )

The Earth is my favourite - great craft for Earth Day (I'm going to share it on NurtureStore's facebook page) Thanks for the idea!

I tried your paint chip tree today with my school kids...i turned out beautiful! Thanks for the great idea :]

@what are we? Glad to know that. Saw them on ur blog! Can i add them onto our facebook page?

I inspire all the above beautiful things.Its simple and cute collections. i like your hard effort.

I love paint chips! Not only are they free, but the colors are so bright and paper quality pretty good! Fun craft! Thank you!

Love paint chips! Pinned you to the Kid's Co-op board! :)

this is such a fun project! i love it! i just discovered the fun in paint chiops myself and will defintly have to go get more and do something similar! thanks for sharing!!!

Fantastic...such a great idea! I love the flowers the best i think! Thanks again for sharing (and hosting) the Kid's Co-Op!

Was browsing through the images for some flower craft to do with my son in conjunction with Earth Day and he said the flowers (the one with five flowers) is nice and wants to do it. Thanks for sharing!

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