Friday, April 8, 2011

Faces with Ed Emberly's book

I happened to see this book-Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Faces while checking out books at the library couple of weeks ago. The cover page caught my attention immediately. I checked out that book too, with a hope to learn some drawing. Though this is meant for kids it is a wonderful book for grown-ups like me who have no drawing skills, but want to learn in a simple way. Loved the fact that he doesn't talk to you about "how to", infact there are hardly words in the book. Instead he uses step by step simple illustrations for you to follow.

Putti saw this book on our reading table amongst all other books from library and then asked "Amma can you read this book for me?". I was about to say "its amma's book" before which putti started pointing out to the various shaped eyes, nose etc all through the book "Amma, look! this nose is so long" "Amma, this guy's hair is funny, i like it". After a while i asked if she wanted to make them. She was like Oh yes Sure!!

Well putti did not follow any of his step by step instructions. She infact mixed up things, did a nose from one, hairdo from another etc. But she loved it, especially loved making curly hairs:))
 And then after almost 3 weeks, today again she was looking at the book and wanted to try making faces. She made this first, love that guy with graduation hat!! She loved making big mouths :D
And then she was really into the page where there were faces of all shapes triangle, oval, diamond etc... She pointed out the shapes and then wanted to try. She made these and this is the first time she was infact drawing geometric shapes. Love how they turned out!! Love that purple guy. She has added teeth in a few!!
And then after her dad came home she wanted to make more faces to show teach him. Hemanth made those orange goggles as per putti's request, bcos it seems she tried to make one with the little blue guy, but couldnt (guess she made the face little small)

I am in love with these faces.. I may have to re-borrow this book from library!!

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A brilliant set of faces! You managed loads!!!! Well done!

(and thanks for linking up :-))


Looks like a Great little book to check out! I love Ed Emberly books! It is ironic that my egg shaped cookies are 'eggless'!!! Thanks for the comments!

Thank you!! Am happy putti is using the book more than me:-)

Thank you! I am sure you will like this book too... We have been plying with his fingerprint book too, yet to check for his other books.

Well, im the only one with sweet tooth at home and i dont eat eggs... so always get excited when i find some eggless cookies:))

Looks like a Great book to check out! Adding to our read list! Thanks for sharing

So cute! She's quite the little artist. Thanks for linking to It's Playtime :-)

Yes its a lot of fun!! We love his fingerprint book too:)

I am in love with the faces too - they're glorious!

That is so fun! Another great idea!

Thanks so much for sharing this at my For the Kids Friday Link Party!. This week's party is now posted, so hop on by! I'd love to see what you have to share this week. :)

Thank you!! Yes its lots of fun and has become her favorite activity off late:)

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