Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Play Ideas from the Web!!

Couple of my friends have little ones who are around 8-11 mnths. The enthusiastic moms have asked me what I did with Putti during that age and for some fun filled activity ideas for their little ones. But I have not done any planned activity with her while she was an infant. She loved being talked to her, i would talk to her while giving her a bath, while nursing, cooking.. well almost always when she was awake :) She loved playing with boxes, bottles, lids etc.
Here are some of the activities for infants I recently came across on the web which I hope might be useful to my friends and some of you too...

Read about the Importance of play, a wonderful article written by Anna. While you are there on her blog donot miss out to check her ideas for discovery boxes.

Cathy at Nurture Store shares lots of awesome play ideas for the little ones. Check out their list of ideas here.

No time for flash cards  shares many wonderful ideas for the little ones here.
 Also check their Discovery bottles

Ready set read also has some great ideas for babies here.

Sparkle Bottle for the crawling baby by Pickle bums
Baby fabric bucket by Tinkerlab

 Parent connect shares some fun indoor activities for babies.

And for artsy activities I think kitchen is the best place as it has washable floors when compared to the rest of the house.You could put the child in a high chair in the kitchen for painting projects.

Do you have a link for fun baby play? 
Please do share with us in comments, Thanks!
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Thanks for including some of my ideas Roopa! I also have a whole list of Baby Play ideas at the top header of my blog page incase anyone wants to see any more :-)

Thanks so much for including the baby food exploration! Working on another post that will publish this week - I'll come back and share it then :)

these are some lovely ideas...i'll share with my frnds who have kids of this age.....and ur idea of using the bottles for bowling has worked...mishu is happy playing and hitting the bottles with the ball...thanks

I love this collection of baby activities! I will save them for my new grandbaby:)

@Anna @ The Imagination Tree Thanks to YOU for sharing the fabulous ideas. I look for the list you mentioned and add it, thanks.

@HimadriThank you! And yay, mishu is loving it.. you could also maybe try ring toss with a cooker gasket or something:)

@Deborah (Teach Preschool)Thanks to the wonderful moms who shared:) Enjoy and have fun with your grandchild!!
Also, thanks for the 'test'comment.. if you look back now You will understand what i meant it doesnt work

Wonderful list of baby play! I'm always on the lookout for more things for this age group. Thanks for including Ready.Set.Read!

Be careful what you give your baby to play with. Most items on the pictures that are toys not made for babies, are probably not safety tested for them. Recycled egg cartons might have high contents of heavy metals and so are other things like buttons that not only are choking hazards but might also be painted with paint that has lead or plastics with BPA.

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