Monday, March 19, 2012

Play and Learn with Blocks

Putti loves to play with Blocks. Ever since Putti has her hands on her First Blocks, she has loved exploring them by touching, licking, banging, throwing and offcourse sorting. 
Her favorite blocks right now are Imaginarium Wooden Block. She loves the colors and different shapes.  
Here are some of the fun things she has been doing lately with her Wooden Blocks. She almost always starts with sorting them by various shapes and sizes and then comparing the piles which one is bigger?
Knocking the blocks down either by kicking them or with a fly swatter/ bat is fun too. Infact its greater fun than stacking:)
Separating each pile of block shapes by color and counting how many of each color she has got? A fun way to learn Fractions.
Counting numbers. Recently we have started simple addition and subtraction game too. We both start with our own small pile of blocks and count them. Then she gives me 1-2 blocks and we count how much I have now in total. And how much less she has.
Make Alphabets with blocks. When Putti was younger I used to write the alphabets for her and she would lay the blocks over the letters, kind of like tracing.
 See how tall the tower she bulit is by measuring it with a scale.  Also, measure some of her toys using blocks. Compare and see how many of big and small blocks do they each measure.
Imaginative play by using cars, people, animals etc along with blocks.
Other than building castles for her doll princesses to live, she loves making random things like a staircase
A ship
 Block person
The top of the container has a sorter on it and that is a favorite way to put back all her 200 wooden blocks. I love it because she is working on her fine motors, her hand eye co ordination and also is re-enforcing her shape recognition!
Do your kids enjoy blocks? What is their favorite thing to do with them?
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I really like this block set. We just got a block set, and I wish I had seen this one first. I love all the ways your daughter uses the blocks, especially the stick person :)

Thanks! It's really useful info for me and my son.

Blocks really are so versatile. Great for addition and construction and just fun!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

Maggy & Alissa

I like the block pictures. My son and husband used to really love building towers and then driving the remote controlled car into them to knock them down.

Love the measuring and comparing! Aodhan loves to measure things, and I never thought about measuring towers. Brilliant.

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