Saturday, March 17, 2012

Big Leaf Rubbing!!!

Here is some of the Big Leaf Rubbing that we both did !!
Remember the Gorgeous Big Leaf Printing we had done with Cabbage leaves? We had done some crayon rubbings too with them.
I gathered the leaves, a long piece of easel paper, our recycled muffin tin crayons and some crayons with their wrappings off. Putti laid out the leaves.
Put the paper on top, secured it with painters tape to avoid it moving and started rubbing. 
There really is something magical about seeing the shape and texture of the leaf appear, as you rub with the crayons. I joined Putti too in the rubbing fun! We just colored back and forth over the leaves and watched the outlines and veins emerge in beautiful colors. 
In the end we had some beautiful big leaf rubbings to display on our walls. It was simple and Putti enjoyed making something that turned out so beautiful. 
I put it on the wall along with our Big Leaf Printing
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