Friday, May 20, 2011

5- A-Day Book Challenge - Week 7

Well, we completed our sixth week of the 5-A-Day book challenge. We didn't get around to reading all 5 books especially on weekends. Putti really has gotten into this 5 books thing. Anytime we read, she insists on reading the 5 special books.
Her vocabulary has improved a lot, given the fact that We speak to her only in kannada at home except while reading english books to her. Thanks to Anna for starting this and inspiring us. The main reason for me to take part in this challenge is I being born and brought up in India in a non english speaking home, havenot read any of these books as a kid, so all are new to me. And this challenge has helped me pick some great books for putti!!

Here's our pick for this week:
To learn more about 5-a-day challenge visit 'The Imagination Tree'
5 a day books
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