Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Salt Paint Earth !!!

I LOVE salt painting!! When it dries, the final project looks sooo sparkly and feels great to touch. It is not a keeper, because the salt does keep falling off. But the process is so much fun. We have done this many times before, just making some random patterns with glue and then color over it. This time I wanted to make Earth.
Salt Painting for preschool kids

Using a blue construction paper would have been easier and one step less. But did not want putti to miss some painting fun. So first gave an A4 paper to putti and asked her to paint all over with blues and waited for it to dry. While it was drying, she played with this earth ball and talked about how the theres lots of water(blue) and little land(green) on it.
Earth Day for kids
 And after it dried, gave her glue to paint over it. I did not give her the glue bottle itself as i wanted her to make patches, not lines and dots which is what she makes with the glue bottle. Instead i poured the glue into a little bowl and gave her a brush to paint with.
Salt painting

 Then she sprinkled salt all over it. The salt sticks to the glue. Then lift the paper slowly to shake off the excess salt.
Earth Day activities for kids
Then fill your paintbrush with watered green colour and lightly just touch the salt with it. The colour will spread along the salted areas.
Salt Painting preschool kids
Green looks so bright before drying!! It is really hard to see the texture in these photographs...
Preschool earth day
After it dried, i cut into a circle. Lot of salt fell off during the process. Guess i should have cut the circle before. Putti wanted to play with her earth, so put it into a ziplock for her and in the process more salt fell off. And this is what we have now. 
Earth for kids

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I just did this project with my son and I LOVE IT! Thanks so much!

Thank you rose! My photos dont do much justice, they r so sparkly actually..

Wow you are fast to have tried it already!! Glad to know you loved it:)) Can you share the pic here or on my facebook page?

I am so glad that you linked this project to my "All Things Wonderful" link party. I have never done this type of an art project with the glue and salt combination and I can't wait to have my little ones experiment and give it a try. Perfect project for our Earth Day Celebration coming up. I look forward to looking around your blog more.
Take care,

This is a fantastic project! I found your link via Tot for Tuesday.

So cool! Bet you had a lot of fun with the texture of the salt! I need to try this!

Thanks for stopping by! I read about this in the book 'Art with Anything' by Mary Ann Kohl, love all her ideas, its a wonderful book. Just adopted the process to make earth:)

Thank you!

Thank you!! Thats the great advantage of these link parties, so many wonderful ideas all at one place.

Oh how beautiful and how fun! This looks like a fabulous craft and a great way to celebrate earth day!

Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty again!


bookmarking this to do later! Thanks for posting!

Great way to make the Earth! (Great for Earth Day coming up!!)

Thanks so much for playing with us this week at It's Playtime - hope you can come back next Thursday to play again!

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

Love this idea!! Definitely saving for future use!


@Maggy Thank you, yes we love this salt paint!! And thank you for the hosting the party every week!!

@Jamie @ hands on : as we grow
Thank you, yes this is part of our earth day activities...Thanks for link party!!

:) we love salt paint too. Got to do something similar at home too. Thanks for linking in.

My three year old is obsessed with hand prints at the moment and I think we will try this tomorrow with glue-y hand prints :)

Thank you for linking to We Play this week :)

Love this so much I featured it on today's Fun For Kids Finds.


Jo @ SmileMonsters

ya mine loves her handprints and drawing around the hands too.. Should try handprint salt paint too, thats a gr8 idea:))

I forgot about salt's effect on paint!

Thanks for sharing this at Creative Juice! Hope to see you back at the party tonight!

Oooohh... what a fun project! I remember doing that as a kid. Should try that again!

Thanks for sharing this at For the Kids Friday too!

This is a fun project! Sometime back We had done a similar type of project with semolina(rava)


Love this idea! Forwarding it to my husband who is primary school teacher. He'll love it too!

You got featured with this post in this week's High paw! Thank you for participating and hope to see you add to our fun again this week! :)

@Esther J Pragasam
The beauty of salt is that it absorbs the colors and its such a delight to see the paint spread:))

Never tried semolina, will look! thanks for sharing!

Thats the highest compliment i could get, me being a non artist:)) Thanks!
And thank you for featuring us !!

very cool love this thanks for leaving the link on TEN

Love this idea for so many reasons. Sensory, it is beautiful, etc! Well done!

Thank you Marnie. We love this salt painting process too:)

hello Roopa, well salt painting is really exciting. shall b my next for Saanvi. will let you know how it went. hugs 2 Putti:)

Thanks! Hope ur little girl likes it too. If not earth, salt painting itself is so much fun:)

Fantastic! I have done similar with coloured sand but keen to try this out with my twins...a little younger but the concept will still work! Thanks so much for sharing with the Kid's Co-Op!

Found this through Juggling with Kids and tried it today. They came out adorable! Thanks for the idea!

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