Monday, June 13, 2011

5 a Day Books Challenge - Week 8

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5 a day books

The last two weeks has been very hectic with lots of things going on and also we were travelling on and off. So have not been able to make a blog post about our books. I had picked some of the books from our previous weeks, so that made it very easy to read while on the move.
Well now for the books chosen for this week:

Lots of  Dots by Craig Frazier encourages young readers to look closely at the world around them. Buttons are dots. Wheels are dots. Ladybugs have dots. And so do the fried eggs on your plate. Lots of Dots is lots of fun! 

Toddlerobics by Zita Newcome is a great book for movement, movement and movement!!! There hello, good byes, rubbing noes and lots more. Excellent illustrations, catchy rhymes and fun animal motions make this a very interactive book

4 Pups and a Worm by Eric Seltzer is a fantastic book. The rhymes are fun and the illustrations do not fail to entertain. Watching these animals save the day over and over is a delight.

Eat your Peas This is a clever book that will turn an all-too-familiar situation of the battle between parents and children when it comes to trying different foods on its ears. The dialogue between Daisy and her mother will cause kids to giggle. A fun book with bright, simple illustrations that will keep kids interested.

Mitchell is Moving is about Mitchell, the dinosaur who is tired of living in the same old place and decides to move. His best friend Margo isn't happy about that at all. She thinks of some ways to try and keep Mitchell as her neighbor. The story is cute.

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I LOVE the sound of "Lots of Dots"! It really tickles my fancy :-) Thanks for sharing your choices and I understand about the busyness- everyone is feeling the same at the moment!

@Anna We read that book after seeing it at 'Esther's creativity my passion blog' She has some amazing art ideas to go with the book.
Guess, summer is keeping us all on our toes!

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