Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creating Indoor Forests for Forest Fiesta !!!

 June 5th was World Environment Day and The United Nations has chosen "Forests: Nature at your Service" as the theme for the 2011.
Rashmie at Mommy Labs is hosting a creative play party for kids called Forest Fiesta and invited us to be part of it. Putti loves to watch BBC's Planet Earth videos. She loves the stories facts that Hemanth tells her about forests, animals, ocean etc. And she had a great time creating her own forest.
Temperature is hitting 100°F daily, the ☼ and the humidity outside is too much to make this outdoor. So putti filled the container with dirt and then we took it inside to create the forest.
Planting the trees from her collection of plant twigs and sticks...
 It wasn't standing stable as our soil wasnt too deep, so had to snap the twigs short..
 And then restoring animals to their natural habitat !
 Putti put all of the plant twigs into one tray forest and sticks in the other. And when I asked her why the 'Trees' in the second forest tray did not have any leaves on them? I was hoping she would say 'Fall or winter', but she surprised me and said "Amma, its because forest fire has burnt the leaves down". She had seen huge clouds of smoke while we were driving back from Tampa last weekend and had asked loads of questions and I had shown her some videos on youtube!!

So that's the Aftermath of Forest Fire for you here below :
 I wanted to add a watering hole for the animals, so got the lake out from her 'Zoo playset' and she went onto add her big tree. Now that completed our forest setting and she was ready to play !!
 See the alligator trying to catch the cow(bcos we dont have wildebeest) who came to drink water....
 And here, the horse(in her right hand) is being attacked by a Lion ...
 The struggle continued for long.... And finally horse gave away :(
 See the remains of horse lying behind the lion? Also she added some shelter for the Lion and its cub :)
She enjoyed the whole process and the play which continued for long. 

Dont forget to check out the linky at the bottom of this post.  You'll find various forest activities by children from around the world !!!

You can participate even if you don't have a blog, by sharing your idea on facebook at Mommy Labs page here or my page here.

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good fun filled activity for children. Nicely done. After arranging animals, you can even sprinkle sprouted raagi to get a shrub effect. We do this during Navratri Kolu.

Such a great project. I have linked our jungle diorama too.

Roopa, I LOVE Putti's indoor forest. The 'watering hole' for her animals is such a cute and thoughtful idea. I know for sure we have to make this. Temperatures here are rising and rising and going out to connect with nature has become an ordeal.
Thank you Putti for joining in with us for Forest Fiesta... :)

How creative! I love that you were able to bring this experience inside. How wonderful that Putti was able to find a place to put her new knowledge (Forest Fire) into play.

This is great! What fun and wonderful imaginative play ! We need to do something like this soon! Thanks fro the inspiration!

What a great post and wonderful idea! She looks so absorbed in the game, I love it!

@MiraThank you!! I remember that, but we dont get ragi here and I had planned to sow some methi seeds, but could not do it bcos we were travelling until 2days.

this is so great! loving how the animals have come to play!

@MommyLabsThank YOU for hosting this!! I know Delhi gets hot too, have been there during summers. At present we are hitting 38C and its gonna get worse:(

@JillianThanks! There was no way we could do this outside in 100F, its HOT!!
Yup, love how these little minds absorb everything:)

@Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree Thank you!! Your little girl has inspired putti and she has agreed to paint on easel for me:)

@Michelle L.Thank you! Oh yes she loved playing with it for long and had to play again after daddy came home:)

Oh wow, this looks like fun. We have so many wild animal toys I know the kids would love giving this a try. We're also juggling the heat & finding creative ways to deal with it. So thrilled we had the chance to "meet" this week. Looking forward to getting to know you

What a wonderful way to bring sensory play into the forest!

@Stacy of KSW Thank you!! Oh ya Texas is hot too. We loved your felt forest and the tips:) Looking forward to reading more on ur blog too..

@Deborah (Teach Preschool) Thank you! See only a teacher can point out the benefits, all I saw was play(imaginative) :-)

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