Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Splish Splash Paint Cake..

I had to search all over the net for art theme cake, but most were either 'art pallette' or 'crayon' cake. Since putti is not yet familira with the palette, i chose crayon cake. But unfortunately the lady who bakes fish shaped cake for putti's bday last year said she will be out of town for holidays. And I dont know anybody else in my town who does costum design cake. So my only option was 'Publix'. Thats when i thought of this 'splish splash paint cake' As a trial i made one for putti's star birthday. First made dough in two colors and followed instructions here to get the nice pattern.
And after baking and frosting, i gave liquid food colors to putti and asked her to splatter the colors on the cake. She loves flicking the bristles. Later she insisted that she wanted to write too.. so i held her hand and wrote on the cake.

I took a picture of this cake to publix and ordered an exact one. They made this, loved the bright colors, but its not what i expected. But i was happy when everyone liked.
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