Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decorate party hats

I made these colorful party cone hats for the kids at putti's birthday party. I opened up an old hat and used it as a template to cut the cardstock, which made the job very much easy. Initially i had plans of letting the kids paint/ glitter glue on these.. but later dropped the idea as these would take long time to dry and kids may not get to wear them at party. Just for putti's hat i wrote '3' in glitter.
Instead gave markers and foam stickers in birthday theme. The kids happily drew various figures on the hats and then had a blast sticking the stickers. They all loved their hats! Later on all of them together made one hat for the littlest kid almost 2yr shishir :)
Kids busy decorating their hats..
 With their hats...
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