Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tissue Box Challenge - Art Caddy

JDaniel4'sMom is hosting a Tissue Box Challenge for the Earth day. The idea is to reuse a tissue box in a fun way with your kids.Well so far I have used tissue box in these ways :
  • To store plastic bags. Just fold the plastic bags and put them inside the box. When you need a bag you can pull it out through the top.
  • I cut them up(especially the ones with nice designs) to make Gift tags.
  • Use them as separators in drawers. Just cut the top part and its ready to use.
  • Use them as sorters while playing with toy animals sorting them into farm/wild/pet etc..

For the challenge putti made this Art Caddy!!

Well, i really did not know what to make so just asked putti if she wants to decorate the box. She said 'Sure, lets put stickers'. That would have been fun too but I was sure we were running short of stickers at home. And also wanted something recycly ;) So used up our scrap tissue pieces and glued them all over the box. This was enterily done by putti. Oh how she loves playing with glue :)
After the box was done decorating, we wondered what can be stored in it. And all those colored tissues made me think of colorful crayons. And we poured our crayons into it, but putti had some difficulty picking up a crayon through the small opening so i cut opened the top part partially.

I think this can be used to store putti's collectibles - stones/shells/ twigs/small pinecones..
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Excellent work, Putti! You've converted a plain tissue box into something to admire! :)

Yeah, Roopa, tissue boxes have lot of scope to be re-purposed into a decorative utility box or something else altogether. Why don't I throw this challenge at Pari too! :)

Awesome Putti! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Rashmie, Esther and The Activity Mom !!
Yes I see a lot of wonderful ideas shared at the challenge I mentioned. Shoudl try them. And to be honest I am craft handicap and i have never tried my hands on craft/ art until I started doing with putti:)

Oooh and the art caddy is fabulous too!!!


Wonderful! I would love if you would like this up to Made by Little Hands Mondays!
Have a great day!

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