Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5-A-Day Book Challenge - Week 2

Well, we completed our first week of the 5-A-Day book challenge. It went quite well, though we didn't get around to reading all 5 books on weekends. Putti really got into this 5 books thing fast. Anytime i say shall we do some reading, she would spontaneously bring out the 5 chosen special books and sit down to read them. And today she read most parts of the books all by herself!
She's now waiting to read her next special 5 books:)

Here's our pick for this week:
Earth day by Todd Parr
Ten in Bed
If you give a mouse a cookie
The Tiny seed

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5 a day books
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Ah you are reading Dogger! My absolute favourite. I have heard lots about "If you give a mouse a cookie". I shall have to look it up in the library.
So glad she is enjoying it so much- how exciting.
Thank you so much for linking up!

Anna, Thanks to you for the Inspiration!! I picked 'Dogger' after reading about it on ur blog.
All these books are new to me (Being brought up in a non-english speaking home in India, I dint read any of these as a kid. Our librarian often helps me pick books for putti:)

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