Monday, April 25, 2011

5-A-Day Book Challenge - Week 3

5 a day books
Here's the summary of the books we finished reading in the past week:
  1. The favorite book of the week was 'Ten in bed'. Putti loved this book, she turned it into a play with ten of her soft toys on the bed (and sometimes couch) and then telling the story and making them fall one by one! It was fun:) 
  2. The Earth book by Todd Parr was a great book to read for 'The Earth Day'. Loved reading about all the ways we can help the earth. "I use both sides of the paper and bring my own bags to market because…I love the trees and I want the owls to have a place to live" was putti's favorite page:))
  3. If you give a mouse a cookie - Story of a little mouse, who goes on and on with his demands. The image of the mouse drawing with crayons was her favourite illustration! Putti did enjoy this book a lot. She was able to retell the story in her own words, though not the exact words from book.
  4. Dogger Putti loved the story of Dave and Dogger. She felt sorry for him when he lost it, said 'Good Job Bella!!' when she helped her brother and felt so happy when he got his toy back she clapped and shouted yay, hip hip hurray!! She loved retelling this story too in her own words :)
  5. The Tiny seed Putti liked this book especially because she has been doing some gardening in our little patio! But Lots of words in the book made her impatient at times and she would flip the page over before i read. She said ' This is a Big book amma' !!
And these are 'The chosen fives' for this week :)
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Great books! Have you read "Ten in the meadow" by the author John Butler, that's a great book where the animals friends play hide-seek in the meadow. Hop on pop is one of CJ's all time favorite.

Will check that book! Hop on Pop is favorite here too. Im including one old favorite/ one with rhyming words each week:)

I'm glad to hear you love Dogger too! It melts my heart :-) I love the little activities that she has been doing alongside the reading!

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