Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun for the 4th of July

Putti is getting ready to watch the fireworks display on 4th of July which has become an yearly tradition. I am looking forward to the day too. We love spending the evening at our Park listening to some music, playing with my girl and then end the day watching some amazing fireworks. But, please do take precautions while playing with fireworks. We don't want injuries on a holiday do we? :) Did you know that over 300 million worth of flags, banners etc are shipped each year! I found a fun infographic about the 4th of July with some pretty interesting data. Have a look for more:

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We did not do any craft at home this time. But, she has been doing a lot at her preschool and asked me if I can make some Flag Cookies for her friends. Instead, I suggest we make Fireworks cookies and made these for her little friends at school and they loved it.
We have been reading some books about America too.
  • Wow! America! by Robert Neubecker  is  a simple story, in which a baby runs away and her older sister goes after her. They see some of the wonderful things in the United States that them go “Wow!” It is a wonderful book and the map on the inside cover has been fun to play with as well.
  • America by W.Nikola-Lisa is a really interesting. The book shows how The USA is made up of drastic opposites. Each page is devoted to two opposing features such as bright and dark, yours and mine, old and young. Are you looking for some easy Patriotic kids activities to do? I have a post with inspiration from the web including some of our own posts. And if you need more my USA Patriotic Ideas board on Pinterest has 100+ simple ideas.
What does 4th of July mean to you? How do you celebrate it?

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