Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Name Change!

I have been busy over the weekend, working behind the blog. Many of you who have been following me for more than 2 years know that I used to write here in Kannada, my native language. But as I got more requests from you all being unable to read what I write. I switched to English, but the name remained Putti Prapancha. But, Now I am transitioning from the name Putti Prapancha to Putti's World.

Why? This is actually something I've thought about since I started writing the blog in english. I love the name Putti Prapancha, but I also knew that it was not easy for many of you = my lovely readers to pronounce and spell 'Prapancha' it being a kannada word written in english. So, Now I have renamed it as Putti's World and am slowly moving all my posts in kannada to Putti Prapancha.
What does that mean for you? The old URL will redirect to the new one so no need for you to worry. If you're following me through email subscription, Twitter or Pinterest nothing will change except for my user names every where. The only thing that I am yet to figure out is my Facebook page. I have contacted Facebook Team and am yet to hear from them. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Thanks for joining along on this fun and exciting journey with me!
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