Monday, March 22, 2010

WWLF Part 2- Come Be a bear !!

Bears are commonly mistaken to be carnivores, but they are Omnivores. And over 90% of its food includes grass, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, fruits, berries and nuts. And the meat that it eats is basically just insects, frogs etc.
Putti and I learnt many of such facts about bears at the Wakulla Wildlife festival, we attended recently. There was a fun activity called "Come Be a Bear". The kids would get dressed as a bear and walk around various stages depicting 4 seasons and learn what the bears eat in those seasons.

And in winter, the bears stay inside their dens for many months. Putti too crawled through a den.
And every year a lot of bears die in road traffic accidents. So it is important to keep the trash cans closed to avoid attracting the bears for food. Kids dressed as bears tried to cross the road while trying to avoid cars(ball here) Putti loved pretending to be a bear.

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Nice information Putti
enjoyed your video
Keep it up
Thanks for the article

So nice and very informative to putti by practice I liked it there is so much oppurtunities to children to explore ne
but i couldnt see her ajji??????

Thanks everyone!!

You can see her ajji in the WWLF part 1 post:)

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