Monday, March 22, 2010

WWLF Part 3 - Reptile Show

Reptile Show is one of the huge attractions at the Wakulla Wildlife Festival. It is an attempt to get the small and big kids be friendly towards snakes and other reptiles. To make us realise snakes are an essential part of our eco system and un-necessary killing of snakes needs to be stopped. Putti along with many other kids got to touch various snakes.
Grey snakeBlue Tongued SkinkRed Corn SnakeBlack snakeTurtle
Snakes do not have ears, yet the first thing we all do the moment we see a snake is to yell and shout! This creates panic among those around us and leads to more trouble.
Kids raced with a couple of snakes to see who were fast. It made us all realise how slow most snakes are. Th fastest snake in the world is Africa's Black Mamba which is 10-12mph. So, instead of running panicky and getting hit by a tree or pole. It is best to just slowly move 1-2 steps back and then turn around and run.

Aneesa, Sarah and other volunteers holding the mighty Python.

Putti touching the Python..

In 2008, when Putti was just 3 mnths her dad and grand dad had carried the python around their necks..

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