Monday, March 22, 2010

Wakulla WildLife Festival - Part 1 !!

Just like every year, we attended the Wildlife Festival at Wakulla Springs this time too. Putti had been there when she was 3 months baby with my parents. This time around we visited with my inlaws. Putti did really enjoy most of the activities there. She loved touching the reptiles and other animals.

Couple of photos with her grand parents 

Looking at the crabs and sea urchins..
Playing a game of 'Bird Match'...

Face Painting..
Vintage Tractors of 1940s..

Putti posing on a Ford Tractor..
with 6yr old aligator 'Sally'...
the same sally 2 yrs ago in my hands...

Stay tuned for next two parts..
Part 2
Part 3
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Puttina nodade bhaala dina aagittu..nice to see u again, enjoy the spring:)

Nice photos.
Now Putti is no more "putti"
She is now "SAAHITYA" -she has grown up

Thanks everyone for ur comments!!

yes, she has:)

My inlaws are here, so kinda occupied!! You too enjoy the spring before the HOT SUMMER comes in:)

@Sitaram sir,
She will remain putti for us always:)

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