Friday, December 24, 2010

Moments with santa

Putti's preschool is now closed for christmas break. Before which they had a party at school and also got to spend time with santa. There was photo with santa and all the kids loved talking and laughing with santa. Also there was making cards and decorating cookie activities for kids which putti loved. Some of the pics...
Decorating cookies...
 With Santa
Busy making card...
Showing off her card..
Message inside...
Another card..
 She wrote all of it, except for hemanth which she asked me to write..
Wish you all a very happy christmas !!!  

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Loved the photo with santa:)
wow putti's writing is very imperssive!! great job putti:)

lovely stuff, putti! nice blog...and thank u so much for linking in to our blog carnival. i would really appreciate it if you mentioned in your post that you have linked up to us.

Thanks for the comments. When i posted this, i did not know about your blog carnival. And as i found about it, i just added. Have edited the post now.

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