Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tube family...

Shruthi at mindfull meanderings is hosting a 'Family' themed Artsy-Craftsy this month. We wanted to join in too. We went through our family photos, talked about each person especially the grandparents who live in India. She does love video chatting with them often. We also read the book 'The family book' by Todd Parr.
I gave putti toilet paper tubes and asked them if she wants to draw faces on them to make people she got really excited and jumped right into it. For the eyes we glued paper punch rounds from white paper(Could use googly eyes but i had none at home). Later she drew nose, mouth and painted hair. For hair glueing pieces of yarn would have looked great too. Then she wanted to color in some dress for the people. So she painted the dress. And i suggested if she wanted to add buttons or beads to them. She chose to add the tiny paper punches again for buttons to dad and make necklaces for me and her. And finally she noticed we are all of the same height, so asked to cut her shorter, which i happily obliged.
We later on put on a puppet show for daddy with these tube people, it was fun:)

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Love the tube family!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You look like you have a lot of fun things going on here!

That really is a fabulous book - I friend of mine has it and I think it is great!

Love you TP people - we are ALWAYS making them - great to see other people's creations!! Love the buttons and the pearls!!

Thank you for linking in to Kids Get Crafty - fabulous to see you there and hopefully see you again soon!


I love Todd Parr books! Your tube people turned out so cute and you are right that would be a fun way to make puppets. I am going to keep that in mind. Every kid would love to have a puppet version of himself.

Wow that's a nice family puppet! I have to add the book to the read list

:) what a lovely entry!
Thanks for linking in.

you've just got the versatile blogger award. drop by pls

Thanks to the blog link parties, i get to see so many wonderful blogs, thats how i landed on urs too:)
Well the only erason i kept myself from blog parties was the language i write in and google translator doesnt support kannada yet. But now i have decided to write atleast the gist in english.
Thank you

We liked that book too.. TP crafts are my favorite!! Thanks for hosting the kids get crafty and yes we come back.

Thank you!! Next time i shall try making a puppet theater like yours:)
This book was suggested by my librarian and its our first of Todd parr's books.

Thank you!! Just realised u have 2 other blogs... need to check them:)

Those are so sweet! What a great idea!

Thanks so much for sharing this with For the Kids Friday! I've just posted the next link party. I'd love to have you stop by and join in the fun again this week.

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