Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birthday banner !!

We decided its art party for putti this time, but i was wondering where to get art theme deco items from? And later thought i should involve putti to make one herself, that would be fun. We have made a board for her art wall earlier. I decided to work on same lines.
So first i tore off a few pages from our telephone mini directory and asked putti to paint them. I wanted her to use all the colors, but she was very adamant that day and wanted only 'orange'. And towards the end she did agree to paint them yellow!
While these were drying, she wrote the various alphabets on a white paper. Later i cut the alphabets. We then glued these alphabets onto the colored papers, punched holes and threaded them all.
How do you like this kid made banner?


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good banner..hey naanu nimage putti bday gaagi anta easy method biscuit heltini.. maadi nodi ok.. nimm ooru yaavudu?

thank you! biscuit recipe heLi try maaDteevi.. putti bday ge cookies ready aagive... naavu irodu Florida dalli

Thanks sanvi appa amma. Yes we like recycle/upcycle things as much as possible!

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