Friday, October 15, 2010

Body Tracing at school... Painting at home :)

Putti got this Body tracing from her preschool yesterday.
I had wanted to try body tracing with Putti for a long time now and was glad to see this. We then extended this by letting Putti paint her full body portrait which she really enjoyed. I first re-traced it using a brown marker as the  Teacher had used yellow which was kinda hard to see on white paper. I gave putti some Markers and Crayon, but Putti asked for Paints and then she got to work adding facial features, painting her dress, hair, shoes etc

Love to see her concentration while she paints :)
Once it was done and dry, I cut it all around and taped into onto her room door!
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Roopa, I still have Shreya's body painting..done 2 years ago!!..yeah..its definitely fun for kids :)
OMG!!..Did she get locked up..Do write abt it sometimes..In our apt, we cannot lock from inside in any room,..except restroom ;P

Yes, it was great fun and we might repeat it...sure will write about it.. its time to share the other face of putti too :)

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