Saturday, October 16, 2010

2lines 4 Circles

Whenever Putti sits down to Paint either me or Hemanth always stay beside her to watch out for spills. Though I spread an old shower curtain below her easel or table to catch spills, I am very cautious because of the carpeted floors in our apartment.
Yesterday, while I was getting the dinner started she came asking for Paints and I convinced her to draw with crayons and markers. But within a couple of minutes she came back asking for paints again. Thats when I remembered this drawing game that I had seen on some blog which I am unable to recall now. I pulled her drawing table to the kitchen and then gave her half a sheet of paper. I asked her to first draw 2 straight lines from one end of the paper to another. And then to draw 4 circles any where she wanted. Later told her to fill it with colors. This new game entertained her for as long as I cooked:)
 ’2lines and 4 circles'
Though all of these had the same rule of '2line 4 circle' each one looks so unique !!
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nice technique, helps kid learn to follow orders alwa?

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