Monday, April 8, 2013

Take Part - Stop Bullying Now

TakePart is sponsoring post on bullying as a way to put it to a stop. Please take a minute to sign a pledge. 

Bullying - A parental nightmare, is one of the things I have been dreading the most. I have been worrying that this will happen somewhere along the line. But never imagined it would start even before my girl enters the school.
After we moved to a new apartment a couple of months ago, Putti was really happy to have a lovely open space right next to our house and also found a couple neighboring kids to play with. But her happiness did not last for long, she came home crying. One of the kid had called her 'scared-y cat' for not petting her dog and kept teasing her inspite of being asked to stopped by other kids. I have talked to Putti in detail about this and did discuss with the other girl and her parents too. But the damage has been done, Putti now does not go out to play if the bully girl is in the ground. This incident has made read a lot about bullying and here are some things I have learnt.
  • If your child is being bullied they need to know that it is NOT OK, that they don’t have to put up with it and that they need to tell someone.
  • Make sure the child knows that being bullied is not their fault. They DO NOT deserve it!
  • Coax the child to tell you about their experience. Listen! Do not judge! Remind them they are very brave for sharing this situation.
  •  If your child sees someone being bullied, they need to know that it is their job to step up and take some responsibility, to step in and stop it or at the very least, tell someone(parent/teacher).
  • If your child is the one doing the bullying, they need to understand the amount of damage they are doing, that it is not OK and that the physical scars may heal but the person they have bullied will be damaged for a long time, if not forever. 
  • Pragmatic mom has a list of 10 picture books for dealing with bullying.
  • Here is a video of the popular crumpled paper anti-bullying message. Share it your kids.
Today I want you to sign the 'Take Part' pledge. By signing the pledge, you are helping to make a difference and standing up for this horrible behavior.  Share the post with anyone you know who has kids.

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