Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Kids Craft- Fruit Loops Collage

This Fruit Loops Collage is a really simple Fall/Halloween Kids Craft activity with minimal/no mess and is great for color sorting too.
Fall Kids Craft
  • Thick sheet of paper
  • Fruit Loops or any colorful cereals, circles, puffs, rings
  • Glue
  • A paint brush or Cotton swab
  • Brown crayon, paint or marker
Draw a picture or have kids draw a picture of a tree stem and branches. It is easy to teach little kids if they know to make the letter 'Y'. 
Fall Kids Craft- Fruit Loops Collage
Next sort the fruit loops into colors, you could use a muffin tray for sorting.  This is a brilliant activity for the kids who are just learning their colors too.  It is a great language exercise as you and the kids talk about the colors the whole time. We talked about the colors of the leaves in fall. Next, apply some glue using a brush or cotton swab and start gluing the fruit loops leaves.
Fall Kids Craft- Fruit Loops Collage
 My girl took care not to stick any leaves on the tree stem and branches as she wanted it to be seen.  But, it does not matter who ever your kid sticks the fruit loops. She added some leaves falling down and some on the ground. She has made these falling leaves with magazine tree, hearts tree and also with scrubber and cork stamping apple tree. I love how the fall tree turned out and the texture that the fruit loops add.
Fruit Loops Fall Tree
 Later on, she wanted to make a pumpkin too. So I drew a little circle for her to fill up with orange fruit loops. She then added green fruit loops for the pumpkin stalk. That’s it! You’re done. Here is the final  pumpkin picture made out of fruit loops. 
Fruit Loops Pumpkin
 Be sure to take lots of pictures of  these, because this is one piece of art you might not want to keep- especially if you have bugs. This Fruit Loops Collage is a fun Fall Kids Crafts for all ages.
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I hope you don't mind but I've pinned this to my Autism pinboard as my son seems to be calmed down with circles so I'm trying to find activities with circles that may help engage him - so thank you for this post.

Such a great, simple craft! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase.

I've seen a many fall tree activities lately, but this is SO cute! And a great reason to buy fruit loops ; )

Love this - it turned out so beautiful :)

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