Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paper Chain for Indian Independence Day

We made these patriotic paper chains for Indian Independence Day. They are very simple to make.
India Independence Day activities for Kids

Supplies for Paper Chain:

  • paper – we used  Orange(Saffron), White and Green construction paper
  • scissors or paper slicer
  • glue or tape or stapler
  • blue marker
Cut strips approximately 2" x 8 ½" from the construction paper using a ruler and zacto blade. My ruler is about 2" wide so I use that as my guide.
India Flag Kids Activities
Once you have cut the strips, draw little circles on the center of the white stripes with blue marker. 
Indian Independence Day Kids Craft
And draw lines as shown inside it which forms the 24 spokes of the Ashoka Chakra
Crafts for Indian Independence Day
Take one strip and over lap the ends to form a loop and staple in place. My girl recently has learnt to sucessfully use the stapler and thus chose it, but you could glue or tape the loop. Slide the next piece of paper through the first and secure. 
Indian Flag crafts
Continue till all strips are used - make sure to follow the colors of India Flag - Saffron, White and Green. 
Indian Flag Crafts for Kids
  • Paper chains are a great inexpensive way to decorate for a holiday or party.  
  • These can be made in any colors to suit all sorts of occasions. 
  • Decorate inside or outdoors with these easy paper chain decorations. 
  • Chains can be hung from the ceiling as you would hang crape paper or draped around the room anyway your imagination decides.
  • They are great countdown to holidays and or birthdays too.
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Looks great! Makes for a great patriotic necklace/chain etc. Great job Putti :)

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