Sunday, April 8, 2012

Playdough Earth Day Mosaics

The EARTH Book by Todd Parr includes a lot of easy ideas on how we all can work together to make the Earth better - from planting a tree, using both sides of the paper, turning off the faucet while brushing teeth and reusing old things in new ways. Many of these are already being in practice in our house. As shared earlier, we have been trying to adapt an Eco-friendly life style and have tried to introduce the same with Putti. More on it in my previous post "Everyday an Earth Day". Here is the video of the author reading the book.
For the book activity, Putti wanted to make 'The Earth' and I wanted to use some recycled stuff. So went through our recycling box and found I had lots of dried blue and green Play-DohWe started with - Elmer's School Glue, bits of dried playdough (lots of blue and little of green) and a blue card stock. I used a round plate to trace a circle on the card stock and Putti cut it out. 
Playdough Earth Day Mosaics
 Then, Putti glued the playdough pieces randomly all over the card stock. As she glued I kept telling her that there is lots of water (blue) and just a little land (green) on Earth. After she finished gluing, I encouraged her to paint a coat of glue all over it for extra sealing as we have done earlier with play dough mosaics
Playdough Mosaic Earth
Just like all other activities, Putti wanted to make another Earth. But, I had ran out of all blue playdough bits. So, asked her to paint a cardstock blue for water and then she glued the remaining green play dough pieces for land. I love the feel on this one, making it look like the waters are deep and the land part is risen!
Earth Day kids activities
And after having made 2 earths, Putti wanted to make one more the next day. This time, I had no option but to give her fresh play dough. She loved pinching small bits from play dough and pressing then onto the card stock. The softer play dough sort of blend into each other very well.
Earthday for kids
Here is a look at all three Earths that she made. 
Earth day activities for kids

For older kids you can print out a world map and they can glue pieces of playdough to make continents.

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Very Pretty Earth Day Craft! I've been looking around this morning for ideas and this is my favorite. :)

You know how much we love play dough but we've never used the dried pieces for art before - what a fab idea. Thanks for sharing with the Kids Co-op.

I loved this post! Such great ideas you have. All three Earth's turned out lovely! I am featuring this on Growing A Jeweled Rose tomorrow. Drop by and check it out :)

This looks great. I love how all three Earths look different. I'm planning on a Earth Day unit so we might just do something similar. Thanks for sharing. Valerie @ Sorting Sprinkles

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