Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pista Shells Mosaic Earth

This Earth Mosaic was made using empty Pistachio Shells.
Putti loves eating Nuts and Pistachio is one of her favorite. She loves cracking opening the shells and eating. I do save the empty shells and she often glues them on card stock or cereal box to make some abstract Pista Shell Artwork, simple letters and flowers too.
Last week, when she was gluing some again, I asked her if she would like to make an Earth this time. I told her she could do it just like she did 'Playdough Earth Mosaics'. She first painted a blue circle on a white cardstock. After the paint dried, she glued some empty pista shells over it randomly. Then painted them green. For older kids you can print out a world map and they can glue pista shells onto the continents.
As always, she wanted to make another one, but did not want to wait for the paint to dry, so I gave a her a blue card stock. She glued the empty shells to cover the entire circle. And then painted parts of it blue and green. She now knows very well, that there's loads of water and very little land on our Earth!
Here's a look at both the Pista Shells Earth Mosaic she made.
Today, I am participating in another Earth Day blog hop hosted by Mommy Labs and Greening Sam and Avery. We have been talking about taking care of our earth and I shared the other day, How to make Everyday an Earth Day.  You too are welcome to link up ONE Earth Day post - art, craft, gardening, community service. If you don’t have a blog, you can click a picture of your project and share on Putti Prapancha’s Facebook pageSpread the love by displaying the button on your blog.

Mommy Labs

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I love what you came up for your project!! It's so creative. I'm going to try to see if we can do something and I'll be sure to link up if we do one :)

These turned out really beautiful, Roopa and Putti! Love both the colour combinations- the bright blue and the sky blue. We have saved pista shells, too, and have been thinking of doing some mosaic. This gives me more ideas...
Thank you for participating in the Earth Day celebrations!

I love the texture aspect to this activity! Awesome!

Great! I bet it was a lot of fun painting on the shells!

I too have some stored pista shells..was thinking of some flower painting for S's summer vacation..This one is very good, as now she is learning diff continents..Thanks dear Roopa & Putti :)

I love this project. I tried to do the a similar project with blueberries and grapes for Muffin Tin Monday and it didn't work.

This looks so fun. We don't really like pistachio nuts but we could probably use some dry pasta to make these! What a great lesson.

I love the texture of the world map. That is a great idea!

A lovely texture idea -just pinned this to the Kids Co-op board :)

Wow Roopa and Putti ...these is so beautiful,loved Mosaic created by putti.

I love this idea! They look fantastic too :)

This craft idea just gave me an idea on how to make use of my Pista shells after enjoying its nuts. This is not applicable only with Pistachio shells but other shells will be good materials for this art.

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