Thursday, June 9, 2011

Painting with Yarn !!

This is one activity that I remember doing it as a kid. These are so much fun to make and you never know what will come out of it, no two will be the same !!
You will need : 
  • White paper
  • Any paint (we used crayola washable paint) in a small container
  • Pieces of wool/yarn (around 15-20" for each color of paint)
  • clothes pins
  • Newspaper to cover your workspace
Fold the paper in half, then open it back up and lay it flat. Next tie one end of the wool/ yarn to a clothes pin. Have the child take the piece of yarn/wool and dip it in the paint leaving the end tied to clothes pin free of paint to hold on to. You don't need a lot of paint, just to make the yarn stained.
Next lay the paint covered yarn/wool on one side of the folded paper in any pattern, leaving the clean end of the yarn out so you can hold on to it.
Then fold the paper back together and put your hand on the paper, hold down with little pressure so you can feel the wool through the paper and begin pulling the yarn out of the paper. You may want to hold the paper down for little kids while they pull the wool. (Ignore the prints on the paper, we use a lot of one side printed paper for artwork)
Open up the paper and oooooh laaaa a beautiful creation!
You need not dip the yarn in paint each time, the second and third prints look beautiful too !!
 To make a larger one, put the paint dipped  yarn on paper and then cover it with another paper and repeat the process..

 Each one so unique and beautiful !!
Next we tried another method, where in after laying the paint dipped yarn/wool on paper and folding it back, we rubbed the paper from top to bottom. (NO PULLING the wool here)

And opened the paper to revel our work of art...

But putti loved the pull method very much and did not want to make this. Guess I should have let her try this method first and then the pull method. Maybe we will do that next time.

And be ready to make lots!! Putti made loads of these...

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The patterns looks lovely and I like the intricacy in them - almost psychedelic..!

OOH I have not seen this before. Looks real fun

Yeah! I too remember doing it as a kid! You evoked childhood memories!

I have never done that!That looks like so much fun and I am going to share this with my grandkids.

Absolutely marvelous idea! The finished product is so pretty too!


Looks beautiful! What a great way to draw with string! It looks fabulous and fun!


@MommyLabsThank you Rashmie, You will get even better patterns if we squeeze the excess paint off the wool.

@Dr Sonia S V This is an oldie, which i have made as a kid. Infact we used to do it with sewing thread pieces and ink from our Ink pens :)

@Blooms And Bugs Glad to know you did this too as a kid. We had used ink from our ink pens then and not paint.

Hi, Putti Amma! this is so beautiful, and I have never seen it before. Thanks for the great idea!

@Evelene SThanks you! Yes we had lots of fun doing this. Hope your grand kids like it too.

@Michelle L. Thank you! This acivity is my childhood favorite amongst the very few I had done:)

Oh those are so whimsical! I had no idea what to expect when I clicked on this - a very simple art activity! And so pretty!!! :) Love it :)

What a fun and different way to paint! Thanks for linking up on The Sunday Showcase

Wow, this brought back great memories from elementary school! Thanks for sharing!!!

This really looks great! Kind of whirly! :)

Wow! So beautiful. I love this idea. It looks like smoke or something. Another Putti inspired post that I have to try!

I did this with my daughter today :) Thanks for refreshing my memory about this art we'd learnt in school! I've linked back to your post on my blog

Thank you friends for stopping by and for making my hand with all your sweet comments!! Love that some of you have enjoyed it as a kid.

@NJ Love how you made them into cards, clever!! Thanks for the link, Have linked ur blog on my FB page.

These are so lovely, I like how you used a clothespin to hold the string.

Ahhh!!! I LOVE, LOVE this...I'm so going to try this with my little one :) Will link back to you for sure!!

I like your idea for using clothespins to hold the yarn! It would be especially great for kids who don't like to get paint on their hands {my son is not one of those kids - he likes to paint himself}.

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