Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stamp Exhibition !!

Putti loves to watch her dad when he sorts and cleans his stamps. She tries to get them too. He has a lot of stamps for her to explore and play with. And then she too tries to handle them with a forceps or by wearing gloves just like her dad. She even accompanies him to his monthly stamp club meetings many a time!
This weekend Daddy took her to Florex 2009 held in Orlando. She was amazed seeing all those stamps. Her best part of the show was the youth's corner where there was a huge pile of stamps on the table and she could pick any that she wanted and put it in her little bucket. Oh my did she have fun playing with those stamps!
Here's she filling up her bucket... $1 for a bucket full of stamps was a great deal...
Strolling around the exhibits!

Pointing out to Daddy's Exhibit.
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