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Personalised Story Books IandMyStory Review and Giveaway

Today's post is a review and giveaway of Personalised Story Books by 'I and My Story', a company based in India. Keep reading to find out how three of you can win a book too!

Just like all kids my daughter loves to be the center of attention!  She thinks the world revolves around her, and guess what?  She is right.  At least my world revolves around her, and I like to make her feel special with every chance I get. So, personalised gifts are popular in our house. And my daughter loves to read and loves to be read to. So, when I was given a chance to review Personalised Story books by I and My Story I was really excited. All the stories are written and illustrated by local Authors and illustrators in India. The books are printed on fine European Art paper, with a wipe able hard cover and are of A4 size. They have 8 lovely titles for you to choose from. These books are available for level one, lighter content (junior-needing reading help) and level 2. The flow of the stories remains same. Text and content is adapted for different age groups, illustrations and book size remains the same. The ordering process is easy too. Our books were ready to be shipped within 2 days of the order. We recieved our books very fast considering the fact that it was international shipping. 

I gave my daughter her new books to read when she got back from school. She picked them with great excitement and went to her room. What she didn’t know was the book had her name used throughout the book and also had her friends names. It also had her photo in the inside page. She started exploring the book and within seconds she came bolting into the living room full of excitement "Amma, look! this book has my photo in it. How did that happen? and how the heck does this book know my name! My name is in this book". It was funny and very cute. 

Personalised Story Books Gifts to India
So, we sat down together and read both the books. When she heard her name, she got so excited and smiled from ear to ear. Then, she kept pointing to the little girl in the book, saying "Me!" She was thrilled to find her best friend's names in the book. 
Personalised Story Books Gifts to India
Putti and I have spent countless hours since receiving these books, just looking at the beautiful illustrations and reading it over and over. This book has become a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come. She has read this to her animal friends too!
Personalised Story Books Gifts to India

She has taken the books to her preschool to show it to her friends whose names were mentioned in the storybooks. The teacher told me they too were wide-eyed with wonder. They were equally thrilled to see their names in the books. They read the stories together and kept pointing to each others names in the book. 
Personalised Story Books Gifts to India
The book itself got high marks from me, as it was made very well and will hold up to the rigors of being handled by a kid. The dedication on the inside page is very special.
Personalised Story Books Gifts to India 
I have always wanted to send these Personalised books to my nephews and nieces in India for their birthdays and other Holidays.  But, the high shipping costs always stopped me from that and I had to wait until we visited them which is not often. But, with 'I and My Story' which is India that problem is solved for me and for many other NRI's like me. Shipping charges all over India is just Rs 60/- , isnt that wonderful. I can’t wait to surprise Putti’s cousins with books of their own !
I’ve been so pleased with the I and My Story books that Ie recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect children’s gift. The books are a true keepsake that will be treasured in years to come and That’s why I’m excited to offer the giveaway below. And now for the giveaway!
Update: The winners of the giveaway are entry #46 Kim Vij, #70 Deepa and #2 Archana. Congratulations!! 
Three of you can win a copy each of ‘I and my Story’ books if you have an Indian Shipping address   And, once you win, you can choose the book title for your child, send his/her photo (optional), name/s, message and the personalized storybook will be delivered to you in India via the office of ‘I and My Story’. Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: If you are having trouble entering the Rafflecopter form leave a blog comment letting me know so and how many of the entries you have completed along with your email. 
Disclaimer: We were sent 2 books for free for review purpose. All opinions expressed are unbiased and my own. 
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Hey my niece would be very thrilled to receive a wondering carpet book

Hi there,

"Announcing My First Giveaway"

First time here I would like you to invite to my blog Giveaway event :)

looks "Wonder-ing Carpet" is the best choice........

I would love the Wonder-ing Carpet ... My daughter loves magic ..and what better than a magical carpet taking her on an educational trip around the 7 wonders of the world!. Brilliant concept :) .. Lil P would be so thrilled to get one like this.

Glad to hear these books are now available in India. My nephew would love this! Thanks

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I liked the Space Adventure Skippy’s Galactic Mission

chris.baylorbear (at) gmail (dot) com

I would like to win the naughty fairy book for my daughter

My son would love You are the Champ Cricket :)

I think my son would like the 'The Wonder-ing Carpet' one the most!

She'd love Birthday Surprise A Naughty Fairy

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The Legacy of Adventure Treasure Hunt looks cute

The Legacy of Adventure Treasure

my son would love true friends and Unforgettable Day at the Zoo thanks for the chance to win

I would choose Space Adventure Skippy’s Galactic Mission

Unforgettable Day at the Zoo

Unforgettable Day at the Zoo
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Space Adventure Skippy's Galactic Mission

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True Friends, or Naughty Fairy!!! Thanks for the chance.....

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Space Adventure Skippy's Galactic Mission.

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