Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Things to Remember While Travelling With Kids

Vacation with my girl is so very different from when just me and my husband used to go together by ourselves. You need to be a lot more prepared and Be patient - Remember, you are traveling with kids it will take longer to reach your destination. Be prepared and start early. Kids fight, get tired, whine, get hungry, and have to pee…a lot! So try to remain calm!  
I've put this handy list of things to remember- little things we all know yet forget many a times, based on some of my recent travel experience and hope it helps some of you!
  1. Bring a backpack: having a backpack is very helpful. Find something that is lightweight that an adult or older child could carry. And you want it to have straps that cross your chest for good support. I pack a change of clothes, plenty of snacks and sunscreen in my backpack. There's nothing worse than stumbling upon a sprinkler on a HOT day ... with no bathing suits or towels.
  2. Have A Case of Water On Hand- We are a no soda family and drink a lot of water! On the drive, with our meals, to take into the parks,  in the hotel room (instead of tap), we save HUGE money by always having a case of water in the car!
  3. Sunblock- I apply sunblock cream before we leave the house/hotel room and then carry the continous spray sunscreen in my back pack. It makes it so easy to apply because you dont have to rub it in so your hands don't get all greasy!  Don't forget to put the sunblock, bug spray, sunhats and sun shirts in your backpack.  
  4. Pack plenty of snacksCut fruits, nuts, berries, bananas, apples, raisins, banana chips, dried fruit, baby carrot, Crunchy dried soybean, pea, and chickpea snacks are all perfect pre-wrapped on-the-go snacks. Whole wheat crackers, soft bagels, no-salt pretzels, rice cakes, dry cereals, sugar-free yogurt, string cheese are great too! These healthy food ideas should keep hunger at bay while traveling.  It is nice to have these foods at our fingertips instead of trying to find the right restaurant to stop in at the right time. 
  5. Naptime- Plan your car travel around naptime. No matter how nice a day it is. It really makes things so much better.
  6. Baby powder - the magic sand eliminator! Don't go to the beach without it. Seriously: It works just like magic!!
  7. Beach blanket -Get one with a vinyl bottom. These are great for picnics on damp grass and sand shakes right off.
  8. Eating -Stay on the kids' normal eating and sleeping schedules.  Keep sleeping arrangements similar to home. 
  9. Probiotics - I use Culturelle Kids Probiotics to prevent stomach issues and help support kids' natural defense systems.  We've been using Culturelle since Putti has had bad acid reflux.  It was recommended by her gastroenterologist.  Now, they have an easy chewable form and is a real lifesaver when on trips.  We rarely eat out meals, so on a vacation daily outside meals can wreak havoc on little bellies.  Just a dose of Culturelle a day will help in maintaining digestive health.  And Putti even enjoys the taste of it!  If your child doesn't like chewables, they also have a powder format that you can stir in juice, milk, or a soft cold food like applesauce.  
     Culturelle Kids Packets Culturelle Kids Chewables
  10. Medications- Be sure you carry medications your child might need, like fever reducers and anti- allergy.  Even if  your kid is fine when you leave home, you never know when something might pop up.  Better to have it on hand than to have to try to find a drug store in a new place late at night. 
What are your tips for taking family vacations?

Disclosure: I received a free product sample and was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased.
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Definitely snacks and water -- the other must have for us include stickers!!

One more addition -
I do keep few story books, coloring / drawing book, color pencils..which was helpful many times :)

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