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Are you a company with family friendly products? Do you want some exposure for your company/ product?  Are you trying to reach new costumers to review samples for you? Join hands with us for reviews or to advertise your company products.  

Our Blog's' Interests:

  • children's toys, books, learning aids, clothing and accessories
  • kids art and craft supplies
  • home keeping
  • women’s clothing and accessories
  • men’s clothing
  • household cleaning

Blog Stats - 
Please note that Putti's World is a ever growing blog and the numbers here continue to grow daily. The stats featured are updated monthly but if you need current information just ask me.
  • Facebook Followers  700+
  • Twitter Followers 400+
  • Monthly Visitors 36,500+ majority from US, India, UK and Australia.
  • Visitors are parents, grand parents, soon-to-be parents, mostly females aged 18+ yrs.


  • I love reviewing new products, services, learning materials and other such items that pertain to the interest of this blog as mentioned above and  I love offering giveaways to my readers. 
  • For reviews, you need to send us a sample product, which will not be returned as it will be used in order to provide our honest review. My reviews will be 100% honest. However, I will give you advance notice if I feel I cannot write a positive review and a mutual decision can be made. 
  • All reviews will include links to the the company's main website, plus links to the specific product(s) we have reviewed. I will also add pictures of the product being used by my family.
  • I will include general information about your company, what your company offers, how it benefits family like ours, other noteworthy features that I find worth highlighting to my readers and why it’s worth buying.
  •  Our family includes: a 33 year old female, a 37 year old male and a 4 year old little girl. 

  • Giveaways are an effective way to generate traffic and gives the most exposure to your website. 
  • Extra entries are given for visiting your company/product's website, Facebook and/or Twitter pages which will provide you with lots of increased traffic!
  • I will promote all giveaways on my Facebook and Twitter as well as other social blogs to encourage a large amount of traffic daily.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the company to have the product mailed to the winner. I will provide the contact details at the end of giveaway.


  • Ad space is offered on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Ad space is 125x125 px and placed on the top of the right side bar.
  • We must be able to fully endorse your company/product before placing it on our site. Check the list of our blog interests given above.
  • All rates for ads include one sponsor welcome post where I include links to your website, products, facebook page etc.

  If you have any questions or would like more information on advertising or sponsorship you can contact me Roopa at 

Thank you for your interest in Putti's World.