Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinypon Dolls Party

I had the chance to host a Pinypon party sponsored by MommyParties, with Putti and some of her friends.  Our Party pack was filled with:
  • Pinypon Figures
  • Pinypon Caravan
  • Pinypon Coupons (so everyone could enjoy the Pinypon fun!)
  • A BONUS:  Nenuco Newborn Dolls
Pinypon Dolls
 Pinyon is the newest line of customisable and collectible mini-dolls with a modular construction to hit the toy world in USAWhat I loved about Pinypon is that dolls are interchangeable and the girls can swap outfits, accessories, hairstyles and facial expressions so they just don’t have one doll but many which makes for hours of creative play. I was amazed to each with 2 faces, one on front and another on back!
Pinypon Dolls

Well, the hardest part for girls who came to the party was selecting a doll. We did a scavenger hunt using pictures of the PinyPon dolls sent over with our box. Once the girls found a Pinypon photo they came over to the table to pick out their favorite.  Here are the proud girl with their dolls!

Pinypon Dolls
 Later on the girls had fun changing pieces with each other like tops and hair. We loved watching them decide what pieces they wanted. And the dolls don’t come with names so girls got creative in naming their dolls. Moms were thrilled to go home with coupons to help save a little as they added a few more "wants' to the ever growing Holiday wish lists!
The Pinypon Caravan has been a favorite with my girl. She immediately noticed the surfboard and the “indoor” shower with a real mirror, how cool is that! I also liked that the roof  turns into a boat and it also has a pool that actual water can go in and they can use a spray to wash the dolls up. 
Pinypon Dolls
 The Nenuco Newborn Doll is a basic baby doll that encourage lots of imaginative and nurturing play. It has a soft body with squeezable plastic head, arms, and legs. They come with pretend bottles and a potty. The doll blows blows bubbles when its arms are pressed. 
Pinypon dolls are now available nationwide at Target & Toys“R”Us. 
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