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DIY Reversible Fall & Halloween Bunting

Create unique, inexpensive and Reversible Fall & Halloween Bunting for your home with this simple DIY tutorial using Stencils from Martha Stewart Crafts and dollar store craft foams. This bunting will look amazing on your table, mantle, walls etc and is cheap to make. And since it is reversible, you can change it according to the mood of you or your guests to either Fall or Halloween(BOO) to show. All you have to do is just flip it over. 
DIY Fall & Halloween Bunting
I love buntings, banners and garlands. They are an inexpensive way to add a festive look to the house and decorate for the party or any occasion. So far, I have only made buntings with paper, coffee filters and/ or cardstock like the Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday BannerCoffee Filter Sun bunting, Birthday Banner using phone book pages, Paper Leaf Banner etc. I would love to make a cloth bunting when I own a sewing machine. This time, I used craft foam sheets and I had no idea I would end up making it a reversible one!
Materials Required: 
The Adhesive stencils are great for using on curved surfaces like vases, bottles, and pottery. Plus, they're repositionable and removable for precise placement.  First, stick the adhesive oval dotted stencil on a sheet of craft foam. Using a brush, paint on top of the stencil. Peel the stencil off while the paint is still wet. Then stick on the alphabet stencil in the center of the oval. Now paint over it with contrasting color, do not use a lot of paint. Make sure not to paint beyond the outer edge of the stencil.  
DIY Fall & Halloween Banner
 Peel the alphabet stencil off to reveal your finished painting. I love how neat it looks, thanks to the awesome stencils which really helps non-artist people like me.
DIY Reversible Fall Bunting
 Repeat these steps above for as many craft foam sheets as needed and make it to spell 'F.A.L.L' or anything you fancy. If using the same stencil multiple times, be sure to wipe off any excess paint on the stencil before placing it onto a new position. Here are all the letters of my bunting.
DIY Reversible Fall Bunting
 Next, place the laser cut stencil on the craft foam and paint over it using a sponge brush. I would suggest taping the stencil down to avoid it from moving/slipping. I used foam brush to paint because I love the texture it adds. I painted 2 maple leaves, which will be ends of the bunting.
DIY Reversible Fall Bunting
 After it dried, I noticed that the craft foam does not become wrinkled like paper/card stock which is what I have used for buntings so far. So, I thought maybe I can paint the back of the foam to make a Two-In-One (reversible) bunting. So I flipped the foam sheets over and painted them in a similar manner, this time used the letters 'BOO', a Bat, Jack-O-Lantern and a Cat stencil.  This time for the oval, I chose alternate color paints for the dots.
DIY Reversible Halloween Bunting
 To assemble the bunting, punch holes at the top corner of each foam sheet. Then tie one to another with a piece of ribbon or twine. Ta-Da! Your bunting is all ready to go on the wall or mantle. We do not have a mantle in our apartment, so here it is on the wall.
DIY Reversible Fall Banner Bunting
 You could just flip it over to show the 'Halloween' part when required or place it on the table to enjoy seeing both the sides. I simply tied the ends of the bunting to a wooden dowel and placed them inside a tall vase filed with lentils. Paired with my simple DIY Fall Jar lanterns, it became a festive center piece for my table. The fun is that people from one end of the table will see the 'Fall' bunting while those on the opposite side can see the 'BOO'  Halloween part. Love these Jar Lanterns? Check out my DIY Fall Jar Lanterns created with Martha Stewart Crafts stencils.
DIY Reversible Fall & Halloween Banner Bunting 
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Wow, this looks great, Thanks for sharing some of those cool but creepy Halloween resources.
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My friend Julie uses craft foam for "adult" craft projects and I am always amazed at how good it looks. LOVE.

I love that this is double-sided! I always hate getting limited use out of my decorations... this one will last twice as long!

Cute and festive. Very clever making it double-sided, and I love the fall colors you used.

V.nice and easy to make....and indeed clever idea to use it in two ways..:)) will try it for sure!!

Very creative piece of art for the season, Roopa! Love the colors..

Sooper clever making it double sided ! Love Martha Stewart arts. Most of her arts are easy to make & cost effective :)

Absolutely creative and festive for the season as Spurthi said...I love the couch shot with candles...great job !

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