Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ice Cube Fabric Painting !!

This colorful piece of fabric was painted with frozen acrylic paints! 
Putti has played with icecubes almost everyday for last 2 weeks. Well, temperatures have been soaring high here and she really needed some cool play!! Be it Ice cricket, rolling the ice cubes in paint, slide paint or just plain ice cubes to chill off.

Here's what we did today:
I first add some acrylic paints to icecube tray and mixed in water. Froze them over night. Then, just lay out some fabric, spread the colored ice cubes on it to melt and let Putti "paint" it with the ice.  Putti loved moving the 'cool' paint all over the fabric.

The color will be all over your hands soon. Do not wear good clothes for this project. Putti asked for some paper and tried making some handprints as and when she got paint on her hands.

As the ice cube melted the cool squishy paint was left on the fabric and Putti happily used her hands to smear the colors on the fabric. She kept moving the colored cubes to new spots on her fabric. And soon most of the ice cubes had melted, leaving behind its colorful marks.
The fabric looked pretty cool and colorful. It has become a saree, a blankie for her animals, a scarf so far in her imaginative play. And she is very proud of the fact that she painted it all by herself:)
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Stopping by from the Kids Co-op. What a fun idea! Perfect for those hot summer days, and the finished piece is so beautiful!

this is such an amazing idea. I hope it gets hot enough here to try this - Goblin isn't keen on ice unless its absolutely roasting outside

Love this idea ~ we've painted with ice cubes before but not on fabric, so clever!!

Very cool, is it washable? As in if you wash it will the colors stay, cause that would be neat!

That looks like a fun idea. My kids are still sort of small for it (we would have paint everywhere!) I love your ideas for what to do with the artwork.

This is beautiful! What a unique idea. This looks like a fun way to stay cool in our HOT Texas weather!

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