Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Five Little Ducklings Puppets - Readathon 2012 Week 1 #readforgood

Last week I mentioned about the Summer Readathon 2012 at MeMeTales in collaboration with PBS. The book theme for this week is Animals.  Today I will share with you a simple puppets we made after we read the book, Five Little Ducklings

First, I let Putti, trace 3 circles on a piece of white paper using a cup and cut them out. And then one Big circle for the mommy duck. Then cut the circles into half, of which we need 5 little semi circles and 1 big semi circle which are the bodies of our ducks. Then cut 5 little circles and 1 bigger circle for the heads. Putti colored all of them yellow. And while she was coloring, I cut out some triangles for the beaks, again 5 small and 1 big. These are the parts required for our ducks.
Then, Putti glued one circle to one semi circle and then added a beak. She then went to draw eyes and insisted that ducks need to have a nose and mouth too:)
Finally, she glued these onto craft sticks, so that she could hold them and retell the story and have her own puppet show! 
Puppets are a great way to get little kids involved in stories and a wonderful hands on method to involve the younger children  and promote a love of reading! Please Visit MeMeTales for more activities shared by other bloggers for the book. 
Five Little Ducklings
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Five Little Ducklings 
And don't forget to register and read books online or on your iphone/ipad. MeMeTales also offers a curriculum package each week for activity extensions for the theme, exclusively to Readathon participants!

Disclaimer – I will be receiving the books that I feature from MeMeTales in exchange for sharing our fun ideas each week and promoting the Summer Readathon.
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Very cute! I love the photo of Putti playing with them - you can almost hear the rhythm.

Thank you Maryanne! Adding facial features is Putti's favorite thing:)

She has loved playing with them and has taken to her class too to tell the story to her friends and teacher:))

Simple and fun! Always the best thing, specially if you're running out of time for preparation (like me lately ;). Thank you ladies for being dedicated contributors to High paw linky! It's always a pleasure to stop by and read your posts!

whatelse can be better than "Best out of waste" all these are very useful

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