Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day : Lets spread the Love !!!

Valentine's Day is all about Spreading and Sharing Love !! 
I love getting emails from my lovely readers and posts on my facebook wall with photos of some of their projects which we’ve helped to inspire!! It always makes me smile and I add them to the album on facebook here!
This past 2 weeks, the number of such lovely posts have doubled. Here are some … 

I love this "I Heart U Cards", made by Tomoko's son who said "I made I ♥ U card following your idea. It was very fun. THK." 

Lisa from Michigan shared their version of Sticker resist painting and loved that they used 'birthday stickers - cake, gifts, candies" to make theirs, perfect for a birthday card!! Love all their cards!!!
She says "Thanks again to you and Putti for the ideas!!! We made birthday cards for daddy and couldn't decide which to do..... so did a couple! Did the dots on the hearts with the erasers of the pencil, the sticker resist, and lastly the three year old did her hands as a heart with paint. Daddy loved them!! "

Lisa also let her kids make this beautiful tree!! She was inspired by our 'Magazine Tree of Hearts". She said "Thanks to you and Putti for inspiring us here in Michigan! We did use construction paper for the arm and sticky hearts from the dollar spot tho, so it is a little different. :) " Love that she came up with this idea even before she saw our "Heart Tree" which we made using stickers from dollar tree :)

April shared these beautiful trees made by her kids of varying ages. Glad to know they all had fun making them :) "Heart trees made by my kiddos (20 months, 3.5 years and 5.5 years). We sent them to Grandma and Grandpa for Valentine's Day! " she said. 

Creative Wonders Kids also tried making 'Hearts Tree' and loved them. 

This Heart Handprint Tree from 'Golden gleam' is just stunning! They also made a handprint flower, So beautiful!! 

I love this version of our Hearts Tree, especially the added grass, sun and clouds! So cute!! Kids at Our Life, a Jigsaw even made mini cards of Tree of Love... 

One of the editors at Charlotte's Parent Magazine tried our Hearts Tree and made these 'Hand Heart Trees' using construction papers. Love them !!! 
Thank you SO much for sharing your versions of our projects with us!!! 
Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely readers and blog friends !!!
 Have a photo of a project we inspired that you’d like to share? You can upload it to our Facebook page or email me !!!
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Thanks so much for sharing this here as also for the idea and inspiration in the first place :)

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