Friday, January 6, 2012

Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme Food !!!

I wanted to have all the food that the hungry caterpillar eats in the book for the party. But to find good strawberries and grapes in december was really hard and also I was not sure how to avoid browning of apples, pears etc. So dropped that idea. And tried to 'caterpillar'-ise whatever food I was having for the party:)

First made these sugar cookies and decorated them with icing.  They are not perfect, but it works for the kids and me ;)

Rotini pasta with 'caterpillar topping' made of circles cut out of green pepper for the body, circle tomato for the head and olive pieces for the eyes, legs and antennae!!

Mini cup cakes from Publix which I decorated with 'caterpillar toppings' made of m&ms. To draw other details i mixed chocolate syrup with confectioners sugar and piped it:)
This is 'A very healthy caterpillar' made of cucumbers, tomato and olive bits !!!
The caterpillar gummies....
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To keep apples and pears from browning, you have to cut them and as soon as you slice them dip them in 7-up, sprite or lemon or lime juice. Something acidic. They only have to sit a few minutes tops and then drain them and they will not brown!

Thanks for the tip, will have to try that:)

Thanks shonda! The kids loved them too..

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