Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy Cottonbud Creatures !!

A reader recently talked about  'Mr Maker' in one of her comments on our blog. Out of curiosity I looked up for him online and found some interesting videos. I loved many of them, todat's craft was inspired by his  video. He uses air dry clay and then paints them in different colors. I simplified that for Putti by using play Doh.  We had some blue cotton swabs at home so first tried it with blue play doh. 
  • First place a piece of ribbon inside a ball of play doh.
  • Then cut some cotton swabs into two, vary the sizes for variety.
  • Go on poking the cotton swabs into the play doh ball.
  • Add some googly eyes and your crazy cottonbud creature is ready.
Later on painted some cotton swabs and let them dry.
And then repeated the whole process and made more crazy creatures. Skipped the ribbon as it was not staying well and was falling apart

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