Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clay and cottonbud farm animals...

Again inspired by Mister maker's Video we made some farm animals. Since I did not have white playdoh at home, I made some using rice flour. Being my first try with home made play doh and because I used rice flour, this dough was a bit crumbly. Painted some cotton buds using black paints. Here is what we started with to make our sheep.
First make two balls one small another big. Join them together and place a tooth pick to attach them together. This becomes the head and body. Now add 4 cotton swabs for legs, 1 tail, 2 little ears. Paint eyes and mouth. Sheep is ready :) 
In the same manner made a pig by using pink cotton swabs and pink playdoh 
Rooster made in the similar way
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This is really very cute and so easy to make. I am impressed :)

No, im really impressed looking at ur blog... great talent u have there, kudos girlie!!

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