Thursday, September 2, 2010

DIY Putti's Art Wall

As  I started to look for more ideas to play/create with Putti, I have come across some lovely Kids Art Blogs. Of which I simply LOVE 'The Artful Parent'. Have bookmarked many of their ideas to try with Putti. I also read that Jean had saved many/most of her toddler's artwork including so called scribbles. And I am really impressed by what a frame can do to those toddler artwork, it makes them all look so great, looks like some modern abstract art!
So far, I have thrown away most of Putti's artwork except for a few which looked nice to my eyes. Felt really bad about it, atleast should have saved a digital copy of it. But, from now on have decided to do something more other than just putting them on the fridge door.
Jean has shared many creative ways of displaying kids artwork on her blog. And then I searched for more ideas on the web. But living in a rented apartment had to give up the ideas as I cannot nail things on my walls. But was determined to display some of her artwork and dedicated one wall for her art. First tried placing them inside a sheet protector and taping them...

Putti loved seeing her work on her room walls. But I was not really happy, wanted to create a dark background to it. So, I stitched the sheet protectors to a large piece of green fabric. And mounted it on the walls using thumb tacks. And then, found some lovely border for it and glued it on.

Asked Putti to paint a large piece of cardboard and she chose to make stripes/lines on it.

Later on, I cut it to the required size and then wrote the words "Putti's Art" on a white paper and cut each alphabet and glued them on to the colored cardboard :)

Putti really loves this new addition in her room and is very proud of it. She proudly shows it all her/my friends who visit us. Sheet protectors has made my job of rotating the artwork real easy.
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sooper putti!! ninn paintings gella ond gallery sikkide:))
Very nice board too..

Thanks rashmi! Though late have dane something to put up her paintings:)

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