Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bell pepper and Bottle bottom prints..

Bell Pepper Prints.

Bottle bottom prints
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hi.......can't tell u how happy i m to knw abt ur blog....thanks for writin in mine. but i dont understd a word. i really want to read ur blog.....plz put google translator if u have no problems with that. the art work on ur blog is really gud.i enjoyed watichn ur daughter's art work...u seem to b very gud parent....we'll soon be taking ideas frm u. few mnths back we moved frm cochin.....aftr seein ur blog i missin tht place badly.

Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving a lovely comment, I would love to read your blog but the translator wouldn't work.
I love the paintings!!

Have a lovely weekend. xx

Thank you himadri, saskia and foxglove spires for stopping by!!

Well i hadnt thought abt translator until u mentioned it and now i tried looking, but google doesnt have one for kannada to english. Let me see if i can find something else.



I have been following your blog from facebook for sometime now, but hadnt commented so far.

I started this blog basically to share many children songs and rhymes in my language which are sort of becoming antique:(( I, myself dint know sooooo many

And regarding the art work, im a handicap when it comes to art... but started playing with my DD after being inspired by other wonderful artsy mommies!!

Hmm..This reminds me of the show 'Mr.Maker' in cebeebies :) nice art work, simple n ineteresting..

Thanks manjula, for telling us about 'Mr Maker'. Had to google him! My daughter loved the way he talks, she kept giggling the whole time..

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